Friday, October 28, 2011

Guest Post

Hi! I'm Cat with Stuff I Love, a little parenting blog where I share product reviews, books of the week, recipes, favorite causes, and whatever else happens to be on my mind. I am so honored today to be guest posting on such a wonderful blog! I'm going to be sharing with you a little about kids and fashion.

I've only been dressing small kids for 4 years now, but I've learned very quickly that when it comes to fashion, kids are eclectic. Before I had kids, I imagined their closets to be filled with outfits like these:


However, while my kids are still young enough that I do have some control over their wardrobes, when left to their own devices, they wind up dressed a lot more like this:

And it's wonderful to see how their little personalities emerge through how they dress. Or, in baby girl's case, inspite of how she's dressed. (All dolled up and so excited about those tools).

It isn't really any different for adults, I spose. On any given day I can be found wearing either jeans and a crazy t-shirt (for playing around the house) or dressed to the nines (for a Bible study at church). My boys are thrilled to wear their "big boy" (aka dress) shoes on Sundays - but are equally as enthused about trying on every single hat in the hat box. And to be totally honest - I'm eternally grateful that, at the moment anyway, my kids don't have designer tastes. They are totally happy with a box of Craigslist clothes (especially if the previous owner was a Toy Story fan) as long as it keeps them warm and comfortable. And I'm milking that as long as I can :)

I do hope that my kids will always include me in their fashion choices - if only to tote me along to shell out the cash - because I always feel that I learn something new about my kids through the clothes they choose to wear.

(Me with baby girl in my favorite of her sleepers)

Thanks for letting me join you today!

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