Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dining out with baby

Taking the kids out to dinner is never easy. But we've discovered some great products that have made the process a little more manageable.

The Clean Shopper makes a great cover that fits both shopping carts and high chairs. It has lots of velcro to keep it in place, as well as loops for attaching toys to keep baby busy.

Kiddopotamus makes a great reusable placemat for dining out. I'll admit, once we had two tiny toddlers on our hands we switched to disposables (if you forget to bring it in and wash it, it will grow mold). But if you're feeling eco-friendly, want to keep meals sanitary for your kids, and can remember to toss it in the dishwasher, this is a great tool for dining out. It attaches with suction cups which even our very determined 2 year old couldn't wrench off (only a problem if you're going somewhere nice enough to use tablecloths). And it comes in cute colors and designs.

And if your kid loves to toss things as much as mine do, it can't hurt to keep some pacifier wipes in the diaper bag.

Also, this great website has a wonderful tutorial for making your own sippy cup leash to keep those cups off the ground.

With all these things in tow, we've found dinner out to be a lot more sanitary and a little more tidy.

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