Friday, April 5, 2013

Old Navy Fits Me To A Tee

By now you guys probably know that I'm a huge fan of Crowdtap.  I love giving my opinions on products, and in exchange for a few minutes a day I get amazing rewards.  I can trade accrued points in for gift cards, host fun product house parties and, occasionally, sample amazing products for free!

I just completed my fifth Old Navy sampling thanks to Crowdtap.  I'd fallen out of love with Old Navy over the years, but after my first sample experience I realized how much the brand has changed recently and I'm totally hooked.  If my wardrobe needs freshening up, I hit their clearance section and stock up.  They are constantly having great sales (and you can get more bang for your buck with cash back from ebates), and they add great new collections every couple of months.

This time around, Old Navy offered my friend and me a chance to try out their comfy basic Tees.  I was just lamenting to myself that I could use a few new t-shirts in my closet (I haven't bought any new shirts since my pre-baby days, and mommy-pooch is definitely not en vogue).   It seemed to me, however, that all the shirts I've tried on lately are meant for tall, skinny supermodel types.  Too long in the torso, too tight in the hips.  My friend, on the other hand, is a tall, thin supermodel shape, so I knew that we'd really be putting these shirts to the test. 

There were so many shirts to choose from I had to take stacks back to the dressing room!

Here's what I wore to the store.  Yup, that's an Old Navy top, too!
 I've finally lost enough weight that last summer's shorts are too big!  So I snagged a cute pair from the rack to try on with my shirts.  I love all the bold colors this season!  This purple shirt was a lot of fun and SO soft and comfy.
 No more mommy pooch! (that's the waistband, I promise)
 I loved this light heathered gray shirt so much.  Which is good because I apparently already had one on my shelf at home!  Oops.  See how the shirt has shape but doesn't cling to my hips. 
 And some days I like to look a little slouchy, so I went up a size in the darker grey.  Still a great fit and so snuggly I'd wear one every day if I could. 
I loved all the colors so much that I sucked it up and paid for the extra shirt - and at $7.50 I didn't mind the splurge!
 My friend had great success as well.  She chose a slightly different style (and scored a few other amazing finds), but we both left with some great new items for our summer wardrobe.  I'll be back to try on some of those adorable dresses before the season is out as well :)

Want to earn free clothes of your own?  Sign up for Crowdtap and start accruing points now!  Before you know it you could be sporting some new Old Navy gear, too! 

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