Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Hunger Line

As a mom in the first-world, it seems a little ridiculous that I've ever been worried about my children being "too thin."

Yes, when my first son was born, we had some feeding issues, and he looked like this for a couple of weeks:
And my second son wasn't even on the weight charts until he was 2 (he's a whopping 2% right now and the velcro on his size 3 diapers overlaps when fastened).  But my kids are healthy.  They have the option to eat 3 meals and 2 snacks a day.  They get plenty of nutrients.  They're just skinny because they inherited their metabolisms from their daddy who can eat 4000 cal a day and never gain a pound.

Then I came across pictures like this:
And my heart broke.  My heart broke for these poor malnourished children who make my bottom-of-the-weight-chart kids look like little chunks.  My heart broke for their mothers and fathers who are powerless to help them.  I think about how much worrying I did for my kids who had every opportunity to eat as much as they want.  I cannot even fathom knowing that my children faced starvation and being unable to provide.

My heart has been heavy for these children for a long while now, but I wasn't quite sure how best to help.  I've donated to various charities when I've had some extra funds, but it just didn't feel like enough.  Then one night when I couldn't sleep, I was struck by the idea of using my shops to help these babies.  So I've created The Hunger Line - a new line of products in each of my shops dedicated to chipping away at the huge hunger epidemic.

100% of profits from all items in the Hunger Line will go toward charities (like Feed the Children, World Vision, Food for Africa or The Hunger Site) dedicated to feeding children around the world who are at risk of starvation.

So, what's in the lines?  Here's what you can look for:

At my shop Mimi Baby Boutique, you'll find gorgeous glass bead bracelets emblazoned with the word "Hunger" on them.  Right now I'm offering white lettering, but will be adding gold and silver letter beads soon.

At Big Red Kite I have a line of Hunger Bears.  These soft plush bears use upcycled materials and come in three sizes - Bitty, Medium and Large.  The medium and large bears are also embroidered with the slogan "Hunger."

Will you help me in my fight to feed the children?  Keep an eye out at the shops as new items will be added frequently.  And if you are willing to help me get the word out, would you share this post on your social media or add this button to your blog?

Thanks you so much for helping me to take action on what's been weighing on my heart for so long.  Appreciate you all!

The Hunger Line


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