Thursday, January 12, 2012

Finally a Swap Post

Hey all!  I finally got it together enough to take some pictures, so here's what I've got up for swap to link up with

Swap It To Me

Please note, for clothes, I am about 5'1" and around 120 lbs - so that's a benchmark when I tell you how things fit me.  

3 flowered J Jill skirts and 1 khaki skirt (all approx size 4/6)

1 Eddie Bauer Dress (size 4 - just below the knee on me), 1 J Crew pinstripe skirt (4)

2 cute capri pants (too long on me) (6) and 1 pair Athleta shorts (4)

1 grey henley hoodie (M), 1 blue shirt (XS), 1 brown J Crew knit shirt (M)

1 mauve/purple sweater (S), 1 grey embellished crop sweater (S)

1 pink embroidered T(S), 1 plain blue T (XS or girl's large), 1 grey ON 3/4 sleeve sweater (S), 1 red chord buttonup (L)

1 gorgeous!! beige sweater coat (M)(I just don't know how to wear it)

1 plain white T (XS), 1 black embroidered T (XS), 1 brown flowere T (XS) - these are all a little short on me

1 black maternity dress shirt (S) - kept telling myself I could wear it as non-maternity - yeah, not so much

1 pink ON puff vest (M), 1 denim jacket (M)

1 pink tweed jacket (6), 1 gorgeous!!! teal and lace bed jacket (M) - wish I could keep it but have NO idea how to wear it.

I also have the folling dvds:
The Shape Of Things
Fusion Pilates: Exercise with Baby
House of Flying Daggers
Top 10 Christian Music Video Hits
Jeeves and Wooster season one

And I have a little shop called Mimi Baby Boutique and would be willing to swap things from the shop.

Here's what I'm looking for:

1) Fun shoes in size 7-8
2) Dvds, esp of 30 minute tv shows
3) Jewelry
4) Size 4/S clothes
5) Crafting supplies (beads, buttons, fabric scraps, etc.
 6) Anything else you have that you think I might like :)  I'm totally open to suggestions

See something you like?  Have something you think I might want?  Feel free to send me an email or leave a comment below.  Thanks!

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