Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Stuff I Love: The First Years True Fit

We are potty training in our house. Which means that, inevitably, there will be accidents.  And sometimes these accidents happen in the car.  Which means that, because Mama forgot to put down the puddle pad, we have to wash the car seat cover.  Last night was one such night - only this time it was big-brother's cheapo Cosco car seat - the one we bought for $60 because it was such a great deal!  The one that you literally have to disassemble piece by piece to clean.  I'm talking, taking out screws and removing every single strap kind of disassemble.  We were going to go to the library today - but since I have no idea how to put this thing back together without hubby, we're hanging at home instead (read - everyone is very grumpy and whiny - even mommy).

SO that made me think about the following review which I wrote quite a few months back about the car-seat that both younger siblings have.  I adore that car-seat and its amazing "mommy-who-knows-nothing-about-mechanics" friendliness.  I thought I'd share it once again for any of you who missed it the first time around.  Remember ladies - sometimes things are cheaper for a reason.  I'm not one bit sorry we spent extra on the True Fit seats - they are a dream.

Picking a car seat can give any parent a headache.  Frankly, our process for choosing The First Years True Fit car seat wasn't terribly precise, but we're sure pleased with the results.  We researched car seats till our eyes crossed.  We made a list of the seats with the highest safety rating.  Then we drove on over to Target to see what was in stock.  The only one in our price range was the True Fit, so we picked it up. 

When our second child was ready to move into a convertible car seat, we bought the cheapest car seat we could find for big brother to use.  Boy did we regret that decision.  After being spoiled with the True Fit, we were disappointed by the new seat in so many ways.  The buckles stick when we try to snap them in, which makes buckling take twice as long.  The cover is very difficult to remove, which makes washing it a nightmare (not a good thing when your toddler is potty training).  And if your car is not LATCH equipped, it's very difficult to install.

The True Fit, on the other hand, is a dream.  Its straps adjust up and down simply by sliding a lever.  Its buckles glide together quickly and smoothly.  Its plushy cover has several easily removable layers to make washing a breeze.  And best of all, installing without the LATCH system does not require one of those easily-lost gold seatbelt fasteners.  Instead, the seatbelt threads through the seat itself and clamps hold it in place.  Easy peasy!

The only drawback to the seat that we've found so far is its weight.  It is wider and significantly heavier than the other seat we bought, so hauling it in and out of the van can be tiresome.  However, if you don't often have occasion to move your seats around, it's well worth a little extra bulk to have such an easy seat to install and use.

We loved this True Fit seat so much that when baby #3 was ready for her convertible seat, we ordered her one, too.  Not only does the seat come in neutral greys and tans, but it also comes in two varieties of very girly pink!  I was thrilled.  So if you're in the market for a new car seat, definitely check out The First Years True Fit seat.  You'll be glad you did.

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