Friday, November 30, 2012

My Old Navy Steal

Go ahead and say it - I'm cheap
I love to shop, but I hate to spend money.  And despite the fact that I want to stay on top of trends and look at least a little bit fashionable, I really really hate to spend money on clothes.  I usually keep my closet full by shopping at garage sales in the summer, and accepting hand-me-downs from my fashion-plate sister-in-law all year round.  And I almost never set foot in a mall (if I really want to splurge, I head to Target).

Case in point: the outfit I wore today.

The shirt and watch are hand-me-downs.  I've got on $10 Forever 21 jeans, $7 Sears clearance boots, $4 Target earrings and a bracelet I made myself. 

So I have to say an enormous thank you to Crowdtap for allowing me to occasionally indulge my urge for a brand-new brand-name splurge - without breaking the bank! This has been my 4th Crowdtap sample opportunity at Old Navy and I had a blast!  I've been dying to try out some of the new lines that Old Navy introduced this winter, so I was beyond thrilled to receive the chance to try out an Old Navy sweater for free!!

The selection at the store was overwhelmingly large - everything from simple cardigans to sparkling pullovers.  Here are a few of my favorites:
Mommy/daughter matchy-matchy in stripes (these are so soft!)
It's hard to tell, but those grey stripes glitter!  A fantastic party cardi.
 This is the sweater I finally chose.  Chunky, cozy, and cute!
I really loved the fit and style of this sweater (also in black).  The sparkle makes it party-perfect, but also made it a little scratchy.  I'm really sensitive about material, so I had to pass (sad).
See it shine?
Here's the sweater my friend chose (shouldn't she be a model?) - a real 'statement piece' as she put it.  I loved this one, too, but it's a little overwhelming on a petite.  

And of course, I can never resist falling for the ol' marketing ploy- go for the free sweater and leave with a bag full of other clothes.  In my defense, I've been looking all over for a sweater dress.  At Target, I was swimming in the Extra Smalls (and I'm really not that tiny), so I definitely snapped up this purple beauty when it fit so well. 

I also loved this cowl neck sweater-dress (it would be great for the office), but it wasn't so flattering on me. 

And while I was there, of course, I browsed the clearance aisle.  I was shocked at the great deals I found!  Camis and shorts for as low as $1.50, shirts less than $5!  All in all I left the store with all these clothes for only $34!  Even stingy ol' me can live with that deal!

Want to score amazing deals like this yourself?  First, run (don't walk) to Old Navy and check out their newest lines (and hottest sales!), then sign yourself up for Crowdtap.  In just a few months you could be qualifying for amazing sample opportunities, too!

(Disclaimer: Clearly, I was compensated for this review with a free product.  However, I never recommend products I don't wholeheartedly love, and all opinions expressed are my own.)

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  1. I never think to go shop at Old Navy. But you are the third post I've read within the past couple of weeks about heading over there.

    Guess I'll have to check it out!
    You look amazing and picked out some great clothes!



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