Monday, January 21, 2013

Review and Giveaway: Anywayup 360 Cup!

My kids are messy. Really messy. I'm pretty sure we have at least one spilled cup of water at a meal every single day.  However, my kids hate sippy cups.  In their opinion, sippy cups are for babies.  They have sport-top bottles for bedtime, but they won't use those at the table - they want a 'real' cup like Mommy and Daddy have.  Unfortunately, one overly enthusiastic elbow can soak the whole table.  

 Thank goodness for the Anywayup Cup.  These cups look like a big-boy open-top cup, but they include a special valve in the middle to minimize spills.  A child can drink from any part of the rim, but the stopper in the middle prevents water from gushing out if the cup is tipped.  My kids literally have to turn the cup upside down and shake as hard as they can if they want to make a mess.

And thanks to the bright colors and fun designs my picky kids were literally fighting over who got to use the new cup. Our kids preferred not to use the handle, but for smaller children a convenient snap-on handle is included.  And, the cup has a lid to prevent spills and messes while on the go!  

Want to win one of your very own?  Anywayup has generously offered to give away 3 of their 360 cups to Stuff I Love readers!  Just enter on the punchtab form below!

Disclaimer:  Anywayup did provide me with a free cup to review, but I never recommend products I don't personally love.  All opinions are my own.  


  1. I'm currently breastfeeding. I think the biggest challenge I faced was my body getting used to feeding.

  2. Right now she is starting to get picky about her food. She wants to be an adult and choose her own meals. She's two!!


  3. My daughter will eat alot of things but as she gets older I cant seem to get her to eat anykind of vegetable ,shes 3.

  4. I have trouble getting my daughter to eat any meat :(

  5. getting my kids to eat breakfast before nursery

  6. My son is only 6mo, but the biggest challenge so far was latching on in the beginning.

  7. For Carter its been the cup and spilling! So many sippy cups still spill.

  8. My biggest challenge has been our cups. They are very hard to clean.


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