Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Book Of The Week and What I Wore

It's been a busy week so please excuse my combining posts.  To start, here was our favorite book this week:

What: The Train To Glasgow
Who: Wilma Horsbrugh and Paul Cox
Why: My kids love books about trains.  And they love books that rhyme.  And they really love books that build on the same rhyme so they can recite right along by the time the book ends.  This book combines all three elements with fun paintings of trains (and chickens, and passengers).  Also, the Scottish names are fun to pronounce.

What I Wore: Garage Sale-ing

I love to go to garage sales.  So do my kids.  This weekend, I wore this ensemble while hitting the sales.  I also happened to have purchased this shirt for a steal ($1!) at a garage sale a few weeks back.

Shirt: Maurices (garage sale)
Shorts: Old Navy (ancient)
Glasses: Converse
Shoes: Akaishi (yes, I need orthotic shoes *sigh*)
Watch: Skagen
Rings: 1saleaday, heirloom, Helzberg Diamonds

What I Wore: Pizza Place

Grandma took the family out for pizza tonight.  She was surprised to see me wearing a dress that had once been hers.  It had been handed down to me from my sister-in-law - so now all three ladies in the family have worn this dress.  I had it taken in a size, but it still looks great, even after all these years!

Dress: Old Navy (15+ years old)
Accessories: same as above

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  1. I love that dress and that you read a book about coming to Glasgow--that's where I live :)


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