Tuesday, July 31, 2012


As you probably know, this past week we were on vacation.  Because we live so far apart, my parents, sister (and family) and I don't get to see a lot of each other - twice a year max.  So we took a little time off work, rounded up the wee ones, and met in the middle.  "The middle" just happens to be Ogden, Utah, where we rented a cabin and hit the museums.  I feel so blessed to have had this special time with my amazing family - and the kids had a blast playing on the swing-sets, looking at dinosaurs, browsing the museums and enjoying the much cooler air.  Here are some highlights from the trip! 

 Baby L really likes basketball
 They were so thrilled to be able to play outside
 Petting zoo!
 Feeding the goats
 Baby L was afraid of the chickens
 Sitting on the tractor
 Petting the potbelly pigs (they're bristly!)
 Taking a horseback ride
 More fun on the cabin's playground
 Goofing off at Dino Park

 Looks like only one of us is paying attention to the right thing...

 Treehouse museum

 Grandpa teaching L how to drum
 Musical girl! (yes, she chewed on a marker...)
 Baby L for president!
 Trying to get Excalibur out of the stone

 Swimming at the reservoir
 Cousins digging

 This wound up being a really cool castle
 All the cousins
Me with Mom and Dad

So, that was my trip in a nutshell.  Hope you all had a great week yourselves!

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  1. What a fun vacation! You got some really cute pics!


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