Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Author Of The Week: Dan Andreasen

Our kids are notorious for having "bedtime favorites" among their books.  For a period of weeks (or even months), they'll request the same couple of stories over and over and over.  Dan Andreasen's books have made the hot list several times now - right up there with the Berenstain Bears.

The obsession started when we checked out A Special Day For Mommy from the local library.  It's adorable, chubby illustrations and simple, easily quotable text really appealed to the boys.  They loved the depiction of the little girl planning something very special for her Mommy.  The boys even tried to replicate some of the ideas for their own Mommy - precious!  So that no parent would feel left out, I also ordered With A Little Help From Daddy, which the kids equally adore.

We later added Treasure Bath to our collection.  This book is particularly fun because it is full of the characteristically engaging illustrations, but has no text. Our narrating of the tale grows longer or shorter depending on how much time we have at bedtime, and the boys like to make up their own versions of the story as well.  We all enjoy the chance to exercise our imaginations together.

If you're looking for some new, kid-friendly books to read while snuggling with your kids, definitely check out this author.  His take on children and their relationships with parents is uncanny and endearing, and all of his illustrations are beautiful and fun. 

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