Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Top 5: Movies

We just put our Netflix account on hold.  Now that we're pretty much done watching all the Joss Whedon shows, we weren't excited about anything else on our queue.  It's full of movies that are probably great - but we just watch the same favorites over and over.  Some of our favorites we know so well we can almost quote them with the sound off (which my sister and I have done with While You Were Sleeping, the movie we watched every Christmas eve since it came out).  That being said, here are my current top 5 movies.  Don't forget to link up or comment with yours!!

Some Like It Hot
This movie is definitely a classic.  Quite possibly my favorite roll for Jack Lemon, I laugh every single time I see it.  The songs are great, the characters are hilarious, and who can't use a little dose of Marilyn Monroe?

The Princess Bride
My sister was a child of the '80s, so this movie was on all the time in our house.  It is oh-so quotable and great for every girl who never dreamed of being a princess.  And ok, I'll confess to having had a pretty big crush on Wesley for most of my young life. 

As I said, we're big ol' Whedon geeks in our house.  Firefly is quite possibly our #1 favorite tv show (all 14 episodes of it).  It's sci-fi and western all rolled into one (and Alan Tudyk is pretty yummy).  So of course the movie that wraps it all up is on my top list.  And I just might fantasize about someday being as cool as Summer Glau...

Chicken Run
I'm a huge fan of British claymation.  When Chicken Run came out, I ran to the theater to see it.  When it was released on vhs, I bought it right away.  When I finally saw The Great Escape I was shocked and crushed.  If you've never seen either, watch TGE before you see Chicken Run!!  Then get on your swing-dancin' shoes and round up your kids and get ready to laugh along with the raucous barnyard crew. 

Ferris Bueller's Day Off
That's right - we liked this movie so much, we named our second son after it.  True story.  While I like to claim that we 'just thought Ferris was a pretty name,' in all honesty I'm pretty sure my husband is hoping that our Ferris turns out to be just as cool.  This iconic, feel-good teenage movie never fails to make me feel better when I'm feeling like playing hooky all day.   

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  1. Found you on one of the blog hops and all I can say is you had me at Josh Whedon lol!

  2. My five favorite movies...

    5. Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
    4. Emporers New Groove
    3. Boondock Saints I & II
    2. The Italian Job
    1. White Christmas

    I didn't really know anything about movies and what was a good movie until I met my hubby! He is kind of a movie aficionado I think. He is all into indie films and everything so it has been a movie watching adventure being married to him! :)


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