Friday, February 10, 2012

Operation Feed The Lambs

I'm sure a lot of you saw this post from a couple weeks ago.  The post where I spoke about how much my heart grieves for all the children around the world who are facing malnutrition and starvation.  The post about how much my heart aches for the parents who have to live every day with the knowledge that they cannot provide for their own children. 

Every day I thank God that my kids can eat.  That we have so much food they take it for granted.  That they have the luxury of choosing what they eat, of longing for treats because they know what 'junk food' is.  That though they are thin, they are at no risk for poor health. 

According to this fact sheet, every year 15 million children die of starvation.  15 million precious lambs are dying every year because they cannot afford to eat!!  And yet here we sit worrying about becoming too fat from our blessings and overabundance.  I don't want to sit by anymore. 

But I can't do this on my own.  My scope is limited.  My time and funds are limited. And so I am starting Operation Feed The Lambs to encourage you to help.  Every little bit counts - so many of these families live on >$2/day.  Here's what you can do to take part:

1) Grab a button from my sidebar and help me advertise this project. If you need a button in a different size, let me know and I'll gladly make you one.

2) Start a Hunger Line in your etsy shop.  At my shop I have a line of bracelets (featured in the button pic) from which I donate 100% of the profits from sales to charities dedicated to ending child starvation.  You can do the same with an item from your shop.  Let's see how popular we can make the Hunger Line on etsy!

3) Organize a Run for Hunger.  Gather up a bunch of athletic (or just caring) friends, gather some donations, and go for a run. 

4) Get creative!  Set up change jars, host car washes, hold a progressive dinner with admission fees - just get moving. 

5) Spread the word.  Write up a post of your own about Operation Feed The Lambs.  Link it up around the internet.  Pin it to Pinterest.  Share this post on your social media feeds.  Put up fliers at the library.  Call your aunt.  Get the word out. 

6) Leave lots of comments here with ideas.  I've just started brainstorming. The more brains we involve, the bigger the storm.  I want to hear your thoughts! 

7) If you do decide to participate, keep a good record of the money you've raised.  It would be fun to post collective totals now and then to encourage us to keep going.  

Thanks so much for helping me with this project!  Lets work together to bring food to the precious lambs so no more parents have to sit helplessly by and watch their children suffer from malnutrition. 

Will you join the Operation?

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