Monday, February 20, 2012

Stuff I Love: Purple Cows Laminater

I have to say it. I love my laminater!

I'm a white-board-marker addict.  I love that I can make lists reusable by writing them in white board marker and then wiping them off to start over.  I hadn't been able to fully utilize this feature, however, until I purchased my laminater.

Purple Cows makes an amazing set of laminating materials.  This laminater can laminate pages up to 12"x12" - great for those of you who like to scrapbook.  My kit came with tons of pages - everything from tiny 3"x5"  sheets up to roomy 12"x12" sheets.  The slim machine is super simple to use - plug it in to the wall, flip the 'on' switch and wait 3 minutes for it to warm up.  Then you slip your picture/paper/item into the laminating film and insert it into the slot.  The machine sucks it through and voila, you're done!

I've used my laminater for all kinds of projects.  I printed out detailed to-do lists and laminated them - now I can just write on and wipe off instead of trying to keep track of all the little sticky notes I used to jot things down on.  I printed photos of the family and laminated them to make a "memory" matching game for the kids.  I made "morning routine" charts for the kids, laminated them and posted them on the wall so the kids can cross off their chores with whiteboard markers as they complete them.  I laminated coloring pages and let the kids color with dry-erase markers which can be erased and reused.  I've even made nametags to attach to the kids' school bags and lunchboxes.  I'm currently scouring Pinterest for more laminater-friendly crafts and activities for the kids because I'm hooked!

The whole kit was under $50 and refills of laminating sheets are pretty cheap.   If you're tired of having scraps of papers floating around your house, or if you'd like to get your papers a little more organized - this is the laminater for you!

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  1. What a cool idea to have at home. I never would have thought of it, but it would be quite useful!

  2. This is a great idea for the home. It never crossed my mind but now I'm spinning with all the ideas & usefulness you've shown me!


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