Friday, May 18, 2012

Feature Friday: Williams' Syndrome Association

Not only is it time for Feature Friday, but it is well past time to announce the new charity receiving 50% of the profits from my shop.  Things have been crazy the last few months and I just haven't had time to research a new one.  Maybe it was God's way of waiting until He'd found the right one for me. 

Whatever the reason for the delay, I want to introduce you to The Williams' Syndrome Association.  We have become acquainted with a family in town who are so strong in their faith.  We knew this about them before they were expecting their second child - but after his early arrival, they have truly exemplified the power of God in their lives.  Their child was born early due to heart problems.  He had one difficulty after another - from heart surgery to hernia surgery to terrible reflux. He spent most of his early life in the hospital enduring countless surgeries and tests.  Finally, a diagnosis was reached - Williams' Syndrome.  You can read more about what this is here, but in essence this child requires constant, round-the-clock care and will always need assistance.  His parents are exhibiting enormous strength and faith in caring for him, and the community has been rallying around them - but something they seem to treasure the most is knowing that they have a community of other families who also have been touched by Williams' Syndrome with whom they can communicate.  They themselves recommended WSA and it's no wonder!

WSA's mission is to provide support and information to families with Williams' Syndrome children.  They provide resources for finding counseling, medical information, camps and other educational programs, awareness programs and even provide funding for medical research. 

I recommend that you browse around their site and see all the amazing services they provide.  If you feel led, you can make a donation here.  And for the next 3 months I will be sending them 50% of profits from all my sales at my shop.  Please join me in doing what we can to help these families find the strength to care for their beautiful children.  Thanks!

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