Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WIW: Preschool Graduation

Time for another What I Wore post. This time it's nerd-shirts and pre-school graduation!

 Nerd Shirt Day

Any other Big Bang Theory fans out there?  I thought so.  I love this t-shirt and wear it a little too often.  But hey, I never pretended I'm not the t-shirt and jeans type :)

Tshirt: Woot
Earrings: Target
Glasses: Converse

 Preschool Graduation

I cannot believe that my oldest has already completed his first year of preschool!  Where has the time gone?  Here's what I wore to his graduation celebration at school.

Shirt: Poridge (hand me down)
Sweater: (hand me down)
Skirt: Level 99 (hand me down)
Necklace: Along For The Ride
Shoes: Target

Can you tell that I am not the fashionista in the family?  All my pretty clothes are hand-me-downs!  But that's ok, I'm not complaining!

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  1. Love your glasses!

    Be sure to grab the badge, comment on the main post plus one more!

  2. That floral print is so pretty!


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