Wednesday, May 2, 2012

WIW: The Beginning

I love What I Wore posts.  The women in them are always gorgeous and their outfits are impeccably trendy.  They find clothes from the neatest boutiques, and know just how to pose in scenic locales.  It's very inspiring.

I thought, however, it might be encouraging to post WIW pics of a very average mom.  I'm not gorgeous.  Most of my clothes are hand-me-downs.  I rarely "dress up."  I'm terrible at posing in front of my cheap 'point and shoot' in my cluttered living-room.  But I know how much the "this is what I'm really like" posts from other bloggers mean to me.  So I thought I'd start doing outfit posts of my own.  They won't be gorgeous or particularly inspiring, but if they make one person feel better about leaving the house in a dirty t-shirt and flip-flops, then I've met my goal.  I'll try to remember to sprinkle them in at the end of my other posts, in general, but today I've got a couple for you here.  Let me know what you think - keep the posts?  Or do you get enough t-shirts and jeans in your own life?


Ahem, like I said - I'm no good at posing.  At least the swing is sorta pretty... Anyway, I know I said I don't usually dress up - but it was laundry day, and these were my only clean pants.  And I was rather excited about the shirt I found at a garage sale.  
Shirt: garage sale find
Pants: Khols (at least a decade old)
Earrings: Target

 It's a nerd shirt day.  If you can't read the text, it says "Browncoat" (and on the back "I aim to misbehave") - 10 points if you can name the reference. 

(p.s. yes I do have a piece of glitter stuck to my pants.  It was craft day at the library.  oh well).  
Tshirt: (I'll be honest, I don't remember - I got hubby's on Amazon though)
Jeans: Target
Earrings: Target
Sunglasses: Walmart (told you I was trendy) 

 It's hot today.  Which means it's a skirt day.  It also means I tried an indoor picture and massively failed.  The skirt is graduated orange, but you can't really tell.  I promise I'll get better at these (and learn how to smile). (And take accessory close-ups).

Also, I decided not to wear makeup today on purpose.  I don't want to get "used" to wearing make-up and then feel ugly on the days that I don't.  So I try to save it for those days when I'm going to "dress up" (or when I'm seeing someone I haven't seen since I was younger and prettier :p).  
Shirt: Old Navy (hand me down)
Skirt: Target (hand me down)
Bracelet: Mimi Baby Boutique
Rings: Helzberg Diamonds, heirloom, Punky Bunny Designs 

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  1. As a mom who wears boho dresses, as I am to lazy to deal with multiple pieces and matching. I love this!

    And by the way you are kinda gorgeous! ;)

  2. You go girl! You look great and happy and comfortable and that is what matters!

  3. you're so cute and i love your blog. i dress the way you dress too! :) I 'm a new follower and i have a linky party going on.. I'd love you to come follow me back and link up :

  4. Yay! For once a "what I wore" post that looks like a normal every day Mama! =) Thank you!

  5. I
    Thanks for doing a "real" WIW - you're awesome:)

    1. Thanks guys! I'll keep doing them :) Glad they are encouraging.


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