Friday, May 4, 2012

Photo Challenge: My Heart

It's Friday and time to link up another photo with Our Reflection for

Our Reflection Photo Challenge

This week's theme was: My Heart.
At first, I took a bunch of cutesy pics of my kids.  I'll include a few at the end.  And while they are a large part of my heart, it suddenly dawned on me Who really owns my heart.  And therefore, this is my submission for the contest:
 This is a photo of the stained glass window in the sanctuary at my church.  Every week I stare up at that window and am reminded of how much the Lord loves me - how much He holds me in His heart.  And normally, the window looks like this

with the most prominent focus on the cross - on His sacrifice.  It's good to think about what He did for me - but I most love the photo I'm submitting because the cross itself is obscured in a glorious light - it has taken on more the appearance of a Heavenly being with His arms spread wide for me. This is what I imagine Heaven will be like - the cross rescued me from my past, but the full glory of God will be my unending future.  Now that's something to dwell on.  
I'm blessed that our church has some amazing stained glass.  Here are a few more of those windows, as well as a couple of cute pics of my baby girl - the girl after my own heart.  

near our chapel

I love that this one illuminates the crosses on either side

My sweet baby - I 'heart' her
And she loves puddles, can you tell?


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  1. oh goodness, her outfit is ADORABLE!! :)

  2. The stained glass pic is amazing!! But I have to say my favorite is miss chubby legs in that too cute suit!
    Love ya!


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