Thursday, March 1, 2012

Art Swap

As you know, I can't say no to a swap. When Amber and Lena put together the art swap, I jumped at the chance.  Not only would I get to make something fun and creative, but I'd get some new art to hang on my walls!  I have a HUGE pile of things that are waiting for homes (we're working on building a house so I haven't bothered to hang them here) and I really want to make a statement wall in the new living room.  Something centered around my family and our portraits, but not exclusively photos. 

I didn't tell any of that to my swap partner, Megan from Absolute Mommy, but she must have had intuition.  I think we both struggled a little with finding "just the right thing" for each other (not to mention the fact that neither of our pieces have actually shipped yet - yay etsy and walmart), but she wound up sending me this:
(Of course, that's a stock photo, so the names will be different).  How incredibly perfect!  I am so excited to use this as the focal piece to pull together my "family wall" in our new home.  It might be a little while before we get to the "picture hanging" stage, but this is going front and center when we do!

Thank you thank you Megan for this awesome piece of art.  And many thanks to Lena and Amber for the idea - amazing!

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