Friday, March 30, 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

It's that time again! Time to link up with
Our Reflection Photo Challenge
for the weekly photo challenge.  This week's theme is Spring - which is great because Spring has been springing up all over here lately.  My favorite thing about Spring?  Getting to take my energetic kiddos outside to play!  They love heading to the park and this year they brought their ride-on toys.  Little did I know they'd have the gumption to ride those toys a whole mile + around the park's lake!  Mommy sure was tired, but I got some awesome photos :)  Here's my favorite which I'm entering into the link up:

I absolutely adore the beautiful buds in spring and on our walk we were treated to two different colors in the canopy.  I had to force myself to take my eyes off the trees above and pay attention to the ground in front of me just so I didn't fall!!

And here are some more that I just loved.  I never can decide which is my favorite season - Spring or Fall - but right now Spring sure is getting my vote!

The boys love love their ride-on toys

Baby L is ecstatic to get out and run

Spring is for getting covered in sand

And making sand castles

She has no idea she's only one year old

Look, Mama, I can do anything!

I'm big enough for this bike, right?

And we're off around the lake!

These boys crack me up

Love my little ones

Little boy heaven

He'd have kept on riding like this all day if I'd let him

Spring is also for running.  A lot. 

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  1. What wonderful pictures! I love all of them. The photo contest picture captures Spring beautifully! And your kids look like they are having so much fun! Have a great weekend!

    Life As We Know It

  2. Wow I really liked that picture with the contrasting trees! I would so blow that up and slap that bad boy into a frame for the house!

    Also I can't get over the cuteness of your little ones!!! Great pictures...will make for great memories to look back on when they are older! :)

  3. what cute kiddos :) just found your blog through michelle's link up. Nice to meet you :)

  4. These shots are great!
    I love the one you picked for the challenge! The colors are amazing!


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