Friday, March 9, 2012

Photo Challenge Linkup: Childhood

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This week's theme is "childhood."  I take pictures of my kids like there's no tomorrow - unfortunately this week most of my pics wound up on my crummy camera phone because I kept forgetting my "real" (slightly less crummy) camera.

I thought that this one captured the theme pretty well though.  The more I looked through all my photos, the more I realized that childhood really is about finding the joy in the mundane.  I'm often sad how our imaginations change as we grow and how much more most of us are rooted in the concrete.  I miss being able to find fun wherever I am.  For instance, when we go out to Grandma's garden, all I see is mud, and an old stock tank.

My kids, on the other hand, see a chance to be a god of Thunder.  They pranced around on that thing for ages, reveling in the fact that their tiny feet could produce such an echoing noise.  And, of course, my oldest wouldn't go anywhere, not even out on the farm, without bringing his treasure - the brand new lunchbox that Mama bought him.  He packed it full of yogurt so the two of them could stop their play for an alfresco snack. 

I really do cherish the time I get to spend playing with my kids.  I'm fascinated by the magical scenarios they create everywhere they go, and they really challenge me to connect with my own imagination again.

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  1. The setting is amazing! Oh how I would love to have a photo session there. Thanks for linking up!

  2. This photo is so fun! Good luck in the challenge!

  3. I love your photo, but even more I love your notion of finding fun in the mundane. Infact, with your permission I may borrow it as my mission statement this week?!

    Sew now we are four

  4. I absolutely adore the story behind this photo, I think you have nailed it right on the head!


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