Sunday, March 11, 2012

Why I love Crowdtap

I've gotta confess - I love rewards sites. And one of my favorites, right now, is Crowdtap.  Not only is it a fun place to earn points by giving them your opinions on products you probably use every day, but they also function a little like the home party sites - they give you the chance to sample really great products for free if you'll tell your friends about it.

It's taken me a while to build up enough points to qualify for a party - but boy did it pay off.  I LOVE Old Navy clothes, but I rarely shop there anymore because, frankly, I'm just too cheap these days.  However, I won a chance to sample a free Old Navy dress, and I may have just renewed my loyalty to the brand.  I was a bit on the outs with them after they changed their jeans - they don't fit me like they used to, and, at least at my mall, they don't carry petite sizes (and ordering them in the mail just to try on and have to return is a huge pain).  So I stopped going to the store altogether, assuming that if the pants no longer fit, nothing would.

However, I couldn't pass up a chance to pick out a free dress.  I browsed the site and really had my eye on their flirty chiffon dresses.  Usually, that material looks best on me (I'm really pear shaped), and the knee-length style (as opposed to the maxi dresses) looks better on someone who's short like me.  I even made this polyvore of how I planned to wear the dress:
Old Navy dress idea

Old Navy floral chiffon dress
$37 -

Kate Spade silver wedge heels
$198 -

BELGO LUX shoulder strap bag
$15 -

Michael Kors brass hoop earrings
$45 -

Red bangle
$15 -

Monsoon Bouquet Lace Cardigan
£22 -

When we got to the store and looked around, I picked out a LOT of that style of dress. Just for kicks, I also picked up a couple cute jersey knit dresses.  (Here we are shopping - and drooling - please excuse the awkward cell-phone pics).

Much to my surprise, the chiffon dresses didn't fit right at all.  They would be gorgeous on someone a little longer waisted - and maybe if I'd bought a cute belt I could have pulled them off - but they just didn't suit my hips quite right.  On the other hand, I adored the knit dress I picked. 

And, my friend convinced me to try on an adorable little layered dress (too short on her since she's quite tall) and it was perfect!! 

Of course, I couldn't bring myself to put either of them back, so I used my coupon on the black dress (hooray for having a new going-to-a-wedding staple) and bought the striped dress.  And a t-shirt on the clearance rack. I guess I'm hooked again and I can't wait to go back and try on some more clothes!  I was also surprised at how affordable everything was - I was expecting prices to be much higher.

I guess it just goes to show - you never know until you go.  I won't be making any snap judgments before hitting the dressing room anymore.  And I won't be writing off stores just because one of their items doesn't fit like a glove. 

Thanks, Crowdtap for providing me the opportunity to rediscover one of my favorite brands!

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