Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Book Of The Week: Danny Is Done With Diapers

You could say that at our house, we have potty training on the brain.  Big brother is still honing his skills, and little brother is finally getting the hang of staying dry.  To top it off, Baby L is getting interested in the potty, too (yes please!)  Therefore, I have been checking out every book on potty training that I can find.

One of the most engaging potty training books for kids that we've discovered lately is Danny Is Done With Diapers: A Potty ABC by Rebecca O'Connell.  I'm a big fan of teaching through stories and not only does this book teach all the basic skills and etiquettes of potty training, but it helps to reinforce the alphabet and rhyming sounds as well.  For each letter of the alphabet a child (whose name begins with that letter) learns a skill, also starting with that letter.  "Danny is done with diapers" teaches the D sound and also demonstrates wearing 'big boy pants.'  Little brother was thrilled to name off the letters as we read, and occasionally shouted such things as "she going on the potty!" or "I not have accidents anymore!"  He couldn't wait to rush off to try out his potty one more time. 

If you're potty training (or considering starting soon), definitely introduce your kids to Danny Is Done With Diapers.  You might discover that your child is soon done with diapers himself!

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