Monday, June 11, 2012

Stuff I Love: Poolside Part II

Last week I posted Part I of my favorite poolside items, highlighting some of the best swim-wear and accessories for taking your kids to the pool.  This week I'll be pointing out some of my favorite toys! 

My kids are still of the age that they are "splashing" more than swimming, so they appreciate having some toys in the pool to keep them entertained.  Here are a few of our favorites:

1. Toys To Chase

Since the boys are still learning to swim on their own, they need all the motivation they can find to keep paddling.  Having a toy that moves on its own through the pool has been wonderful for teaching the boys not only to kick and stroke, but to change direction.  Their favorite toy to chase is  Swimways Finding Nemo Swimming Fish Pool Toy

They will follow this little guy all over the pool, catching and releasing him.  

We have the Mama and Baby penguin which zip and dart all over the pool.  They'll sneak up on you and dash away before you know what's hit you and the kids think it's a hoot.  They'll swim all over the pool trying to spot this pair and grab hold before it scoots away again. 

2. Toys To Toss
The kids are also working on gross-motor coordination.  And nothing works those muscles like trying to throw and catch while bobbing around in your floatie-suit.  Our middle child is obsessed with baseball, so he's a big fan of the Water Baseball Bat and Ball. 
But we also have a Frisbee, a soft hippo (yes, they throw the hippo), and some plain soft balls as well. The wetter the toys get, the more fun the kids have, so they love the type that soak up the water.

3. Toys That Squirt
Speaking of wet, the boys also adore water guns and other squirty toys.  We stock up on multi-packs of water guns in the party-favor section of our local stores and keep a few scattered all over the pool.  Daddy has even taught the boys how to turn an ordinary pool noodle into a water canon.  It's a skill I've yet to master.

4. Toys For The Tots
Baby girl is still too small for most pool toys.  Anything that requires coordination is beyond her at the moment.  However, she really loves her Prime Time Toys Floaties Water Wobblers.  

I couldn't catch a picture of her playing with them, but she loves to bat them around while she sits on the steps, and sets them on the tray of her float-seat while she bobs around the pool.  The very first time she saw the package she let out a squeal of glee and ran right over to have it opened so she could play.

Clearly, big brother thinks they are pretty cool, too!

Those have been our 'must-haves' for summer fun in the water.  What do you like to take with you when you hit the pool?

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