Tuesday, June 19, 2012

WIW: Zoo Trip

Note: The purpose of my What I Wore posts is to show what an outfit post from an average mom with a limited budget and even less photography skill looks like. I also love to highlight my favorite etsy shops who make some pretty awesome accessories.

The last time I went to the zoo, my oldest child was still in my belly. I've had a goal ever since to get there with all 3 - and it finally happened.  Auntie was in town, and Grandma suggested we all pack up and make a day of it at the zoo.  The kids were ecstatic (and I was pretty excited myself) and they got spoiled silly.  Snow cones, candy bars, soft pretzels, even those little animal shaped sippy cups full of fruit punch - if they wanted it, they got it.  We had a blast and made some great memories.

I learned a few things about what to wear on a trip like that.  It was a long, very hot day full of sticky foods and stinky animals.

1) Wear lots of sunscreen.
We covered ourselves in SPF 100 before we left, and packed floppy hats and sunglasses (though the KS wind kept swiping our hats).  Fortunately, not a one of us got sunburnt that day.

2) Don't dress the kids up.
Snow cone syrup stains.  So does fruit punch.  And the adorable dress I put baby L in wasn't so adorable after she'd slathered it in nacho cheese and drooled M&Ms all over.  Next time I'm saying "forget fashion" and putting them in easy-to-wash clothes that I don't mind getting stained.  And better walking shoes for the baby who refused to sit in the stroller.

3) Arch supports!
I started the day in cute sandals to match my cute outfit.  After a couple of hours, I finally switched to sandals with arch supports in them.  Not soon enough, however, as I was still limping on my bad hip the next day.  Next time I go, I'll find a way to make my running shoes look cute.

Anyway, here's What I Wore.

 Dress: Maurices (garage sale find)
Bracelet: Pandora
Ring: Ancient (promise ring from hubby)
Silver Sandals: Target
Watch: Skagen
Sapphire Ring: 1 Sale A Day
Black Sandals: Clarks (hand me down)
Earrings: Target

 This peacock was gorgeous!

The boys were so excited to see it up close

 Woah, horsie!

 Little Miss Independent was thrilled to roam around 'by herself'  (also, how cute can Walmart dresses be!?)

 Petting the goats!
 She was the bravest of them all when it came to feeding the animals

 Loving the penguin exhibit

 I don't think she liked this snow cone, do you?

 What's everybody looking at?

 Decided to spare the dress and get a snowcone without syrup.  She didn't mind!

 The Abbey Road of geese

 I wouldn't let him climb it, so he decided a hug would do.

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  1. My kids love those bronze statues too - when we went to the ATL zoo they were all about the Gorilla statues... and the chipmunks.

  2. Looks like you all had a brilliant day! Loving these photo's, your kiddies are so cute!
    Great they got so close to a peacock.
    Found you through the GFC blog hop and now a new follower of your blog. Hope you can check mine outand maybe follow back.


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