Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Book Of The Week: M.O.M. Mom Operating Manual

M.O.M. Mom Operating Manual  by Dorren Cronin is a book more appropriate for older kids and adults.  This hilarious how-to manual teaches kids how to care for their moms to keep them operating at maximum efficiency.  With tongue-in-cheek jokes and colorful illustrations, this book covers everything from feeding and dressing, to heavy-lifting and going out in public.  While much of the advice is written with an undertone of sarcasm, an astute child who pays close attention could learn a thing or two about how to keep Mom happy and going strong day after day.  I'll admit - my kids (4 and 2) lost interest by page 5.  But a grade-schooler or pre-teen should catch on to the running gags and might even pick up some of the advice.  If things have been a little frazzled in your house, or if tensions have been high between parents and kids, this book might be a great way to diffuse the situation and start a dialogue about how the family can run a little more smoothly.  Sometimes it's hard for kids to remember that Mom and Dad are humans with needs, too - and this book is a great, funny, objective reminder to take good care of those who care for us.

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