Friday, June 29, 2012

A Truly Great Post

Have you had the chance yet to meet Chelsea of Yours Truly?  If not, you're missing out!  She is a very sweet woman, and happens to hold a top spot on the sidebar this month!  Here she is to tell you a little about herself:


1) What is the name of your blog:
 Yours Truly 

2) How did you come up with the name?: 
I wanted something that was simple but had something to do with me. I was thinking Just Chellie or Simply Chellie maybe, but then I went to sign an email off at work with "yours truly," and was like, that's it!! 

 3) What do you blog about/ where do you find your inspiration?:
 I blog about anything and everything that is relevant to me and my life. I have everything from what I wore posts, blog design posts, random posts about semi-exciting things I did recently and tons more! That makes me blog sound really uncool haha. Just go see! I get my inspiration from all of the other amazing bloggers I follow!

 4) Do you have a shop?:
 Nope, hopefully in the future when I move back to Canada, shipping from New Zealand is far too expensive for right now.

 5) What is your favorite post from your blog?:
 Probably my blog design giveaway post...because who doesn't want to win a blog design!! It's so exciting. Plus it's my first giveaway. Go enter! 

6) What is your favorite summer activity?:
 Kayaking! The past six years I have worked at a kid's summer camp, and it is THE best job ever, hands down. The last few years of that, I have been a kayak instructor. Being out on the water on a sunny day is amazing. 

7) Is there a food you absolutely can not stand?:
 I really don't like raisins...but I wouldn't like throw up if I saw them. I'm not an onion fan either, but will still eat them if they're in something. So I'm not really sure what to answer to this...I'm pretty okay with most foods. Any animal fat makes my stomach turn though! I cut the fat off everything I eat, the texture just disgusts me!

 8) What type of music is most often playing at your house?:
 A lot of New Zealand music, reggae styles, a bit of dubstep...that's all my boyfriend's music though. He has quite good music taste. If I were in charge of the tunes it would be Carly Rae Jepsen (SHE'S FROM MY HOMETOWN BY THE WAY. HER DAD WAS MY PRINCIPAL IN HIGHSCHOOL!!! I feel the need to tell everyone this) and Justin Bieber. I personally like songs with good beats that I can dance and sing to. I don't really care if it's lacking in depth and emotion, haha. If I'm not listening to that stuff, then my genre of choice is probably Indie/Alternative. 

 9) What is one thing you wish you could tell other bloggers?:
 TO TURN OFF CAPTCHA ON THEIR COMMENTS!!! I cannot stress this enough. When that captcha pops up....I don't even want to comment anymore. It drives me nuts! 

10) Are you working on any special projects right now?:
 Yes! I have just decided to start doing some blog designs on the side. I did my whole own design and have been into graphic and web design for years and years (I'm pursuing it in school even!), so I figured it's about time I put my skills to good use. I have a lot of fun designing blogs as well, and want to create something that is affordable and perfect for the person I'm making it for. If you need/want a new blog design, please send me an email at and we can definitely work something out! 

11) Tell us a little about you: 
I am from Vancouver, Canada but I'm currently on a year and a bit long adventure living with my cute Kiwi boyfriend in New Zealand. We did a trip through Europe together for 2 months before we headed over here, and it was amazing. I work for a skin cancer screening company....GO GET YOUR SKIN CHECKED! It's a real thing guys - I send many, many reports to people in a day that tell them they have skin cancer of some form. It sucks. But I like my job otherwise, haha. As previously mentioned, in Canada I was/have been a kid's camp instructor for six years, it's the best ever. I eat a lot of edamame, I like blogging, making new friends, I LOVE creepy cat lady styles, Hello Kitty = my favorite. I don't have any kids or pets but I definitely want both in the next few years (don't tell my boyfriend the kids part...he'll be scared haha). Oh yeah, I'm 21. Still young, but sometimes I find myself longing for the "adult" life. I want my own house, badly. 

12) If money were no object, what would be your dream car?:
 An Echo maybe. I like small cars. My boyfriend would kill me for saying this haha. I honestly don't care about cars, just give me something that runs. It's a plus if it looks alright. 

13) What's your favorite thing on Pinterest?:
 Everything. All the DIY stuff many amazing ideas. And food. And clothes. I'm addicted... see here. 

14) Which Facebook meme has made you laugh, lately?:
 All of the "condescending Wonka" ones. And the ecard ones. My favorite one that I recently saw was "It's so hot when you wear your pants halfway down your legs" said no one ever. Hahahah how funny is that? Maybe it's just me... #crazy #usinghashtagsinablogpost #what? 

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Told you she was fun!  So go check out her blog, see some of those fun Pinterest ideas, or drop her a note on Facebook!  Glad to have you with us for July, Chelsea!

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