Friday, June 1, 2012

A Look Back: 1984

Big thanks to The Houtz Party, Shaping Up To Be A Mom, Covered In Grace, and Absolute Mommy for hosting this linkup. 

Today we are taking a trip down memory lane to

I was 2 years old (barely), therefore, I remember very little of the actual year.  So I'll help you remember the way I do - through the various photos my mother took (for which I am eternally grateful).  Here's what the early '80s looked like for me.

Grandpa, Little Golden Books, bangs, flowered dresses

I was loud.  Very loud.  Mom was an opera singer, I came by it honestly.
They were also gracious about hanging my scribbling all over the house.
 That kitchen. Brown stove.  Avocado fridge.  Dark, cramped, full of love and fun.  This kitchen makes me think of pork chops and 7-Up.

 I was eclectic.  Jogging suits with nail polish.  Sesame street was king. That mirror took all day to clean, but it made the room look HUGE.

 Grandma's cozy lap.  Grandma's cozy afghans.  More Little Golden Books.  More flowered dresses.  Grandma's house always smelled like freshly baked bread.

 Bicentenial Pond.  When playgrounds were made of wood and metal, not plastic.  Daycare kids in bell-bottoms and Stride Rite sandals.  Early New England summers still too cool for shorts.

 Second birthday.  The chocolate cake addiction has begun.  The ancient brown-leaf-print glasses and brown-leaf-print dishes.  Everything back then was brown, orange or green. Except Grandpa's shirt.  He wore blue shirts with green trousers every single day without fail.  I loved it.

 Summer was all about ice cream at Kathy John's.  And lots of ruffles.  

 I was very silly.  More orange and green furniture.  Even the carpet was orange.  That picture window was broken by large birds 3 times.  We spent countless hours playing around on that baby-grand.

 I liked to eat.  Which is probably why in later years I got chubby.  More '80s floral print.

New England winters were intense.  Had to be prepared.  More antique furniture (yep, that's a record player.  I remember when cassettes were "new and exciting").  More fun with the baby grand.

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  1. OMG! OMG! That big coat photo is THE BEST!!!!! Hahaha! I LOVE IT!!!! PS did you know that those colored appliances are coming BACK in style! Crazy! Thanks for linking up woman!

  2. Love it! What a cutie! Thanks for linking up!!

    Shaping Up To Be A Mom

  3. I love those photos of you in your grandparents' laps. So sweet! You have some great pictures!

  4. Although there WAS some orange in the house, the carpet was actually gold and the couch was gold and green--all the rage back then. And, yes, you sure were a cutie! Interesting to see these again.

  5. Haha Mom I once got fussed at by my set design professor because I used yellow and claimed it was gold. I guess I'm not very good with metallics :p


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